【The application acceptance has closed.】Visit Japan Campaign! Read the Travel Tips for a Chance to Win the Awesome Japanese Presents! | JAPAN Welcome Guide for Muslim Visitors / English

【The application acceptance has closed.】Visit Japan Campaign! Read the Travel Tips for a Chance to Win the Awesome Japanese Presents!

The application period of the campaign has ended.

Finally! New entry of foreign nationals into Japan and visa exemption arrangements have been resumed from October 11, 2022. Our Muslim Guide has also been renewed; you can now explore Japan’s historical sites, cultural activities and seasonal sceneries once again!

Browse the Travel Tips on our site to celebrate, and answer a simple quiz to enter our giveaway campaign!
5 winners who answer correctly will be randomly picked to receive awesome goods flown in straight from Japan, guaranteed to remind you of its authentic charms.

The campaign is super simple to enter. Brush up your love for Japan with a quick read, find the clue in the article, and you’re good to go!
Make sure to read the details below and get your entry in now!

Prize (5 winners)

*Prizes cannot be selected.

1. Eco-friendly pleated bag made from materials that naturally decompose in the soil

Inspired by traditional Japanese colors, the pleated fabric of this eco-friendly bag are meticulously hand-made by Japanese Craftsmen one by one. Not only is it a trendy design, it can also be stretched to fit whatever you like. Functional fashion!

2. Traditional Furoshiki made in Japan

“Furoshiki” are square shaped cloths used in Japan to wrap items. Furoshiki come in many different colors and patterns, each with different meanings and traditions. It’s always-beautiful design can also used for decorations, and some are even good to be worn as Hijabs!

3. Drawstring bag with design of Mt.Fuji

Mt.Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and is widely known as a symbol of Japan. Carry this pouch with you and dream of that future trip to Mt.Fuji, filled with awesome activities and good memories!

How to Participate

Simply read the Travel Tips and find the “Key Word” for the question below.

Q.What is one of the three most famous waterfalls in Japan located in Oku-Nikko?

Please use the form below to submit your answer. We would also appreciate if you fill out the survey on the same form.
The winner will receive a notification email from (inquiry_muslimguide@onoff.ne.jp) within a week after the campaign period ends.
Please remember to enable your settings to allow for emails from the address above.

Campaign Period

2022/11/16(Wed) ~ 2022/11/30(Wed)

No. of Winners

5 Winners

Winner Announcement

Winners will be notified within 1 week after the end of the campaign by (inquiry_muslimguide@onoff.ne.jp)
Please ensure you’re able to receive emails from this address prior to the announcement.


1. Campaign prizes may be changed without prior notice.
2. Campaign prizes are limited to winners and are unable to be exchanged for cash or other prizes.
3. In the event that we are unable to send a prize to your address, contact you, or any other reason we deem reasonable, participants’ entry/prize may be deemed void.
4. Participants will incur and be responsible for all fees relating to communication and transmission.
5. While we will require personal information from participants such as full name, address, phone number, and other such information, it will only be used for the sole purpose of this specific campaign.
6. “Japan Welcome Guide for Muslim Travelers” uses appropriate safeguards when it comes to the protection and handling of personal information. Once said information has served its purpose, it will be deleted in a timely manner.
7. Prizes are only able to be sent to addresses registered within Malaysia. People living outside of Malaysia are not eligible to receive the prize. Please be cautious before submitting your entry.
8. Winners cannot choose their prizes.
9. In the event that we do not receive the required information (contact info, recipient address etc.) by the date stated within this post, or if the given address is wrong, or contact cannot be made, entry to the campaign will be considered void.
10. We are unable to answer questions regarding personal information or the results of the campaign.

Thank you for participating in the campaign!

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