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Hidden gem destinations for Muslim travelers, Hida Furukawa and Hida Takayama in Gifu Prefecture

Hida Furukawa, the inspiration for the settings of the hit animated film 「Your Name」, and Hida Takayama, are two fitting destinations to truly experience the traditional streets and cultures of Japan. These two places also have easy access to the famous snow-capped village of Shirakawa-go. It takes about 2 hours and 45 minutes by train from Nagoya to the nearest Takayama station, and about 3 hours to Hida Furukawa station. Looking out the train window during the journey gives you a bonus view of splendid natural landscapes; especially in fall, when the beautiful autumn foliage covers the terrain.

Through their 「Hida Takayama Muslim Friendly Project」, the city is making an effort to provide Muslim travelers with comfortable trips, free from worry of food and prayer space availability. Takayama City itself, which has a population of about 80,000 people, is visited by about 610,000 tourists annually. Of those, more than 35,000 are made up of tourists from Malaysia and Indonesia. This article will further introduce both of these charming destinations.

Day 1: Hida Furukawa, a location that influenced the popular film 「Your Name」

Sightseeing Locations

Taking a 5-minute walk from Hida Furukawa Station will bring you to the canal district of Shirakabe Dozogai. With the tranquil Seto River flowing through it, it is a picturesque example of a traditional Japanese town. To add to that, the kimono also perfectly complements the many beautiful carp swimming in the town’s quaint old waterways. Put one on, and experience the feeling of slipping back in time as you stroll to the popular photo spot 「Shinshu-ji」 amid the autumn breeze. We recommend renting a kimono at the 「Oobara Kimono Shop」, where you can also try braiding bracelets. The 「Hida Furukawa Sakura Gift Shop」 provides similar hands-on traditional experiences as well.

Halal Restaurants and Souvenir Shop in Hida Furukawa

「Fukuzenji Soba」 as well as the 「Ajidokoro Furukawa」 that also made an appearance in 「Your Name」, are both restaurants that offer Halal food and designated prayer spaces, so you can take your meals there with peace of mind. You can also buy your fair share of souvenirs from shops like 「Miso Senbei Hompo Inohiro」 and 「Okashidokoro Tanoshita」.

Prayer Facility Details

Tourist Information in Hida-Furukawa Station
Address 2-20, Furukawachokanamori-cho, Hida-shi, Gifu
TEL +81-577-73-3180
Open 9:00-17:00
Closest station/bus stop : Hida-Furukawa Station (1-min walk)
Capacity of praying space 1person
Tourist Information in Hida-Furukawa Station

Hida Furukawa Sakura Gift Shop
Address : 2-20, Furukawachosanno-machi, Hida-shi, Gifu
TEL +81-577-73-7770
Open: 9:00-16:30
Close: Thursday(Excluding Public Holiday)
Closest station/bus stop: Hida-Furukawa Station (7-min walk)
Capacity of praying space: 5people
Hida Furukawa Sakura Gift Shop

Recommended Accommodations

The 「Hida Takayama Muslim Friendly Project」 recommends the 「Yatsusankan」 that perfectly embodies the atmosphere of the old town of Hida Furukawa as it is, and the 「Hida Hotel Plaza」, which has a prayer space and can cater to Muslim-friendly meals given prior notice, as two comfortable accommodation choices for a pleasant stay.

Hida Furukawa [ Yatsusankan]
Address : 1-8-27 Furukawachomukaimachi, Hida-shi, Gifu
TEL : +81-577-73-2121
Closest station/bus stop : Hida-Furukawa Station (7-min walk)
Hida Furukawa

Hida Takayama [Hida Hotel Plaza]
Address : 2-60, Hanaoka-cho, Takayama-shi, Gifu
TEL: +81-577-33-4600
Closest station/bus stop: Takayama Station (7-min walk)
Hida Takayama

Day Two: A Muslim Friendly destination, Hida Takayama

Sightseeing Locations

One of the best-known sightseeing locations of Hida Takayama would be the Miyagawa Morning Market, with its impressive line-up of agricultural produce. At Uchihoya and Andersen, you can buy and enjoy Muslim-friendly sweets and bread from the early hours of morning. This destination is also famous for the Autumn Takayama Festival (Hachiman Matsuri), one of Japan’s three major autumn festivals. Intricate floats shaped like small houses parading through the festival streets is certainly a sight worth seeing. Or, you can opt to slow down at 「Hida no Sato」 instead, and experience autumn in the farming villages of rural, olden-time Japan.

Halal Restaurants and Souvenir Shop in Hida Takayama

The recommended restaurant in Hida Takayama is Aji-no-Yohei, where you can enjoy halal food and have a space to pray comfortably if you make a reservation at least three days in advance.

Other than that, we also recommend the restaurant 「Kyoshi」, where you can try the Hida Halal Beef menu without having to make a reservation beforehand.

Prayer Facility Details

Restaurant Aji no YOHEI (Reservation Required)
Address: 105, Kami 3-machi, Takayama-shi, Gifu
TEL +81-577-32-0016
Open: 11:00-14:30, 17:00-20:00
Closed: No regular holiday
Closest station/bus stop: Takayama Station (15-min walk)
Capacity of praying space: 3people
Praying equipment: Mat
Price range: 2,000-3,000yen
English/foreign language speaking staff: Sometimes available
Message: Muslim friendly Halal Hida beef. Reservations only. We offer non-pork and non-alcohol.
Restaurant Aji no YOHEI

飛騨そば 小舟(Hidasoba Kofune)
Address: 6-6-9 Hanasatomachi, Takayama-shi, Gifu
TEL: +81-577-32-2106
Open: 11:15-15:00, 17:30-19:30
Close: Wednesdays
Closest station/bus stop: Takayama Station (2-min walk)
※Reservation is required 3 days in advance.
Hidasoba Kofune

As one of the towns affectionately nicknamed “Little Kyoto” that are scattered all over Japan, Hida Takayama and Hida Furukawa are destinations that strive to provide comfort for visiting Muslim travelers. Rest assured, this form of genuine hospitality on their part will only keep improving from here on.