“Conbini”, your recommended go-to first aid station for any challenge on your Japan trip. The range of services offered by a “Conbini” promises to make travel in Japan just that much more comfortable. | JAPAN Welcome Guide for Muslim Visitors / English

“Conbini”, your recommended go-to first aid station for any challenge on your Japan trip. The range of services offered by a “Conbini” promises to make travel in Japan just that much more comfortable.

No matter how good you have planned for your trip, there is still a possibility that you might face unexpected challenges along the way. What should you do when you encounter one during your trip in Japan specifically?

In this article, we will introduce you the perfect first aid station, “Conbini” which can be found everywhere, ready to be of assistance throughout your trip in Japan.

“Conbini” means a convenient store in Japanese. Convenience stores in Japan have many unique functions and advantages compared to ones in other countries, acting as a one-stop-shop for shoppers.

Most of the convenience stores are open 24 hours a day. Major convenience store chains have branches not only in town but also in rural areas, guaranteeing you an opportunity to drop by anytime, anywhere, during your travel in Japan.

There, you will be able to find so much more than just food, so why don’t you make full use of it and make your Japan trip a pleasant one?

Rely on a “Conbini” when you are unexpectedly not feeling well or urgently need to get some daily necessities

We do recommend stopping by a “Conbini” first when you suddenly feel unwell, be it fatigue from traveling or swollen legs after a whole day of exploring.

While it does depend on the shop, you can expect some “Conbini” to have a general medication corner.

Here, you might be able to get a cooling sheet that relieves heat and a poultice (anti-inflammatory analgesic) that works effectively for fatigue relief. Bandages can also be bought here for minor injuries or shoe rubbed blister.

You can also get your daily necessities such as deodorants, cosmetics, towels, underwear, contact lens care items, and many others at a “Conbini”.

The product lineup might vary depending on the chain. Though, if you are even in need to buy something essential late at night or early in the morning when most stores are not open, a “Conbini” would likely be your saving grace.

Book All Your Theme Park Tickets, Museum Tickets and Bus Tickets at “Conbini”!

Picture this: What if you stumble across a museum that you want to visit, but was not in your original Japan itinerary. You might be worrying if tickets are still available or not, or maybe even weary of the possibly long queue just to get one.

Good news, it is possible to secure your ticket at a “Conbini”! At a “Conbini” in Japan, you can use special terminals and multi-function copy machines to purchase theme park tickets and museum admission tickets, as well as highway bus tickets.

This way, you will not have to ever face the disappointment of not getting a ticket after a long journey to the destination!

And if you ever get too excited and end up using up all your cash on hand with over-shopping, Never fear: “Conbini” in Japan have 24-hour ATMs where you can withdraw cash with an International Debit Card or Credit Card.

Surprisingly, you can find many Muslim-friendly food in a “Conbini” in Japan

You have probably experienced a sudden stomach gurgling in the dead of night before, at the unfortunate time when nearly all shops and restaurants are closed. What do you when it happens in a foreign country?

In such instances, “Conbini” will be a first aid station for you as well. Just for this MUSLIM Guide, here are some healthy and Muslim-friendly products that you can look to keep full.

The most recommended go-to Conbini food are ready-to-eat cut fruit and salad, usually prepared in a plastic cup. Full of nutrients and vitamins, they are a good choice for those who concerned about calorie intake, but still would like to stay energized throughout their holiday trip.

You can also find variety of healthy and stomach filling snacks here such as Almond, Macadamia, Cashew nuts, and more. The Edamame that you find here can be eaten as is!

If you want to eat it warm, you can also heat it up by using the microwave readily available in any “Conbini”.

Onigiri is a good option for when you are feeling like taking in a more hearty meal. You can choose from a wide variety of flavor ingredients such as Salty, Tuna, Salmon, Tarako, Plum, and other creative varieties. Before paying at cashier, remember to check at the raw material label on the back of the packaging carefully for non-Muslim friendly ingredients such as Mirin and Alcohol.

If you just want something to go with your home-brought condiments, readily consumable instant rice that can be heated up in a microwave can also be found easily in the aisles.

Some “Conbini” have their product information written in English, but if you also can familiarize yourself with the shapes of Japanese writing and what they mean, it makes exploring the menu at “Conbini” much easier. For starters, you can try referring to the following list of raw materials for ingredients of caution, like those that contain Pork and Alcohol.

If you find this information useful, feel free to keep our article bookmarked for that next Japan trip!

※The following list is an example of ingredients

“Conbini” in Japan are full of hospitality

Even though the services and products differ depending on each convenience store company, the purpose of pursuing “convenience = hospitality” for customers is the same across all of Japan’s “Conbini”. This puts them on a whole other level, making them a tourist attraction in itself, despite essentially just being a super-equipped mini market!

If you are facing challenges during your trip in Japan, you know you can always rely on a “Conbini”.

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