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[Campaign:Round 2] Watch a 2-Minute Japan Trip Video for a Chance to Win The Perfect Presents for Muslims!

The application period of the campaign has ended.

Japan is packed with historical sites, activities, and locations which show off the beauty of each of the four seasons. We’re sure there are spots perfect for both people who have and have yet to visit this amazing country.

To help people visualize what a trip to Japan would look like, we’ve published some videos relating to traveling in Japan on our JNTO Muslim Website. The videos include introductions of locations that serve Muslim foods, department stores that include prayer spaces, Muslim-friendly hotels, mosques, and more! They will give a long list of things to do during your time in Tokyo!

Now watch the video linked below, answer a simple quiz to enter our giveaway campaign, and 10 winners will receive Muslim-friendly goods on a lucky draw basis! If you’re a fan of Japan, we’re sure you’ll have no issues answering the questions! The campaign is super simple to enter, so make sure to read the details below and get your entry in!



1. Kimono Hijab (5 Winners)

This lineup of Hijabs is made by using the same material as kimonos. They have designs including the signature symbols of Japan – cherry blossoms, plums, and more that can be coordinated with each of the four seasons. The material used for kimonos is soft and kind to the skin, making it also perfect for hot weather!

2. Kaminari Okoshi (5 Winners)

Kaminari Okoshi is a traditional Japanese snack that is one of the nation-wide famous treats of Asakusa, Tokyo. There are many different flavour of this cracker including those made with white sugar, brown sugar, matcha green tea, and more. The best part is that they are halal-certified, so there are no worries about eating anything you shouldn’t.

How to Participate

Simply watch the video and answer the quiz.

Please tell us the name of the shop in Hakone where the couple ate their food with chopsticks.

Campaign Period
Campaign Period:2022/02/21~2022/03/07

No. of Winners
10 Winners

Winner Announcement
Winners will be notified within 1 week after the end of the campaign by support-my@fun-japan.jp.
Please ensure you’re able to receive emails from this address prior to the announcement.

1. Campaign prizes may be changed without prior notice.
2. Campaign prizes are limited to winners and are unable to be exchanged for cash or other prizes.
3. In the event that we are unable to send a prize to your address, contact you, or any other reason we deem reasonable, participants’ entry/prize may be deemed void.
4. Participants will incur and be responsible for all fees relating to communication and transmission.
5. While we receive personal information from participants such as full name, address, phone number, and other such information, it will only be used for the sole purpose of this specific campaign.
6. The JNTO Muslim Website uses appropriate safeguards when it comes to the protection and handling of personal information. Once said information has served its purpose it will be deleted in a timely manner.
7. Prizes are only able to be sent to addresses registered within Malaysia. People living outside of Malaysia are not eligible to receive the prize. Please be cautious when entering.
8. Winners cannot choose their prize.
9. In the event that we do not receive the required information (contact info, recipient address etc.) by the date stated within this post, or if the given address is wrong, or contact cannot be made, entry to the campaign will be considered void.
10. We are unable to answer questions regarding personal information or the results of the campaign.

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