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5 Tokyo Sightseeing Spots with Prayer Facilities Nearby

Tokyo is a major gateway to the world with two international airports, and is one of the most visited cities in Japan. Also known as Edo in ancient times, it has come to develop a unique culture and industry over the years. With said traditional culture as a backdrop, Tokyo is also where you can enjoy the latest trends, and is well known to leave a majority of its foreign visitors satisfied. In such Tokyo, many people understand the importance of being a Muslim-friendly city, as can be seen from the increasing number of prayer facilities. In this article, we will introduce popular sightseeing spots with prayer facilities nearby, so that you can explore with ease.

①Asakusa: A city where traditional buildings and state-of-the-art buildings merge

For sightseeing in Asakusa, first head to the Kaminarimon. You simply cannot miss its iconic large red lantern with the characters 雷門, meaning “Kaminarimon”, on it in striking black. After passing through this great photo spot, you can enjoy shopping at Nakamise-dori, a shopping street with a history of over 100 years. Also nearby is a more modern sight: the Tokyo Sky Tree, standing tall at an impressive 634m. On clear days, you can see Mt. Fuji beyond the panoramic view of the city from here. From sunset views to the glinting nightscape, it is a place where you can see various sides of Tokyo.

Prayer Facility Details

Asakusa is an area where you can eat worry-free, with its variety of Muslim-friendly restaurants such as 「Asakusa Mentei Narita-ya」 and 「The Kebab Factory」. The mosque is also about a 15-minute walk from Asakusa Station, or a mere 1-minute walk from Higashi Asakusa Bus Stop.

1. Asakusa Mosque Information

Address : 1-9-12, Higashi Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo
TEL +81-3-3871-6061
Closest station/bus stop : Higashi Asakusa Bus stop (1-min walk)
Water for ablution is available
Asakusa Mosque Information

②Akihabara: The origin of otaku culture in anime, games, and electrical appliances

Akihabara is a paradise for otaku (fan) culture, with shops such as the 「Animate Akihabara Main Building」 and the 「Akihabara Radiokaikan」 that are stocked with figurines and anime-related goods. The 「Akihabara Gachapon Hall」, a capsule toy specialty store where you can buy capsule toys with small change, is also popular.
On the other hand, the town’s presence as an electric hub is similarly undefeated. Akihabara boasts within it Bic Camera AKIBA, Yodobashi Akiba, Sofmap AKIBA, and Laox Akihabara Main Store, popular for their wide selection of electrical appliances that can also be used overseas. Cosmetics and miscellaneous goods are also available here.

Prayer Facility Details

When in Akihabara, you can perform your prayers comfortably at the Okachimachi Mosque, which is a 15-minute walk from Akihabara Station, or a 3-minute walk from Naka-okachimachi Station.

2. Okachimachi Mosque Information

Address : 4-6-7, Taito, Taito-ku, Tokyo
TEL +81-3-3836-3533
Closest station/bus stop : Nakaokachimachi Station (3-min walk)
Water for ablution is available
Okachimachi Mosque Information

③Roppongi: One of the leading cities located in the center of Tokyo

Roppongi is home to many large commercial complexes, all of which house an array of stores, movie theaters and restaurants within. 「Tokyo City View」, the observatory in Roppongi Hills, happens to be one of the Roppongi’s most famous. Here, you can see get a closer view of the Tokyo cityscape compared to from the Tokyo Sky Tree. When the weather allows it, you can also access an outdoor observatory. Standing so close to the sky, the warm light and soothing winds is a pleasant feeling on your skin.
Tokyo Midtown is also recommended to satisfy your shopping needs. On top of popular brands like MUJI, this complex also has shops selling miscellaneous Japanese goods and crafts that make for perfect souvenirs.

Prayer Facility Details

The recommended prayer facility around Roppongi would be the prayer space in Midtown. Conveniently provided within the same building where you can both shop and sightsee, this makes it a great tourist spot with easy access for Muslim visitors to complete their prayers.

3. Tokyo Midtown Information

Address : 9-7-1, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo
TEL +81-3-3475-3100
Open : 11:00-21:00
Closest station/bus stop : Nogizaka Station (8-min walk)
Water for ablution is available
Tokyo Midtown Information

④Shibuya: A trendsetting place where many people gather

A symbolic sight of bustling Shibuya would definitely be the Shibuya Scramble Crossing; where the crowds move to cross the intersection in every direction at a mesmerizing pace, all day long. Right next to this sits the statue of loyal Hachiko, the most famous dog in Japan. For a change, the outdoor observatory of 「Shibuya Sky」 gives you a view overlooking Shibuya as a thrilling photo spot. If you take a picture of yourself at the corner of the glass-enclosed observatory, it looks like you’re standing in open air without railings! As for those who want to enjoy fashion from Shibuya: PARCO, Shibuya Hikarie, Shibuya Mark City are the places to be.

Prayer Facility Details

When sightseeing or shopping in Shibuya, you can pray at the Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center, the largest mosque in Japan, near the Yoyogi-Uehara Station.

4. Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center Information

Address : 1-19,Oyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
TEL +81-3-5790-0760
Open : 10:00-18:00
Closest station/bus stop : Yoyogi-Uehara Station (4-min walk)
Capacity of praying space : 500 or more
Praying equipment for woman, mat, Quran
Water for ablution is available
Tokyo Camii & Turkish Culture Center Information

⑤Ginza: A luxury shopping area in Tokyo

The luxury brand and department store-lined streets of fashionable Ginza is a fun destination to just stroll and window shop leisurely. At department stores such as 「Matsuya Ginza」 and 「Ginza Mitsukoshi」, you can shop for clothing and cosmetics while also enjoying events such as product exhibitions. In fact, 「Ginza SIX」, which already boasts within itself many brand stores, also houses a tourist service center as well as a sightseeing bus station, serving as a handy base for navigating around Ginza.
Fret not, Ginza also has the world-famous UNIQLO flagship stores 「UNIQLO Ginza Store」 and 「GU Ginza Store」, if you prefer to shop at more reasonable prices.

Prayer Facility Details

After shopping around Ginza, you can pray at the prayer facility at the North Marunouchi Exit of Tokyo Station, which is about 2 minutes away by subway.

5. JR Tokyo Station Information

Address : 1, Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL 81-50-2016-1603
Open : Open 365 days a year*Temporary Hours of Operation 10:00-17:00
Closest station/bus stop : Tokyo Station (1-min walk)
Water for ablution is available (Simple)
JR Tokyo Station Information

As you can see, there are many Tokyo attractions that have easy access to prayer facilities for your comfort. Alongside ample Muslim-friendly restaurant choices, you are sure to be able to have a pleasant and hassle-free trip here.

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