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Kathy Traveled to Tokyo

We Have Compiled a 3-Day Sightseeing Report on Tokyo and Osaka by Muslims Who Have Actually Traveled to JAPAN. Please Take a Look.

Tokyo JAPAN Trip - Part 3

TOKYO Disney Resort

Today is our third day in Tokyo. Uwaaa. Tomorrow, it will be the day we return. I was still not satisfied with the tour around Tokyo city. Today we just covered 2 places– Tokyo DisneySea and Shisui Premium Outlets.

Chatting during our meal time and discussing unsettled stuff like whether to shop or whether to buy souvenirs. Ermmm. I thought we were not going to buy anything at all.

This morning, we just had simple meal – cornflakes, yoghurt milk, fruits and a bit of jam to sweeten the taste. Without the jam, the food was too bland. It only became tastier after I had added 1 Kathy jam. Bahahaha. *Ok, it’s not funny.

Here’s a Sunny Side Up egg. Let’s add some wasabi sauce first. This was the first time I have seen wasabi sauce with mustard yellow colour. Isn’t it supposed to be green? The taste was almost the same though the colour was different. I like both types. However, it must be eaten with soy sauce. You must be crazy to eat it just like that as it will sting your nose.

Drinking the collagen drink. The blueberry juice was tasty. Drinking this everyday will improve my skin and make it as fair and flawless like the Japanese. Auuwww.

We had our breakfast in a relaxed mood because there were only two venues to be visited.

We just hired a taxi to take us to DisneySea as we wanted to save time. After that, we would take the bus.

The taxis in Japan were classy and equipped with GPS. Just mention the street name that you want to go and the driver will bring you there. You will definitely reach at the correct place.

Aime, Nyah and Kathyjem. Hehehe. We looked fresh and pure in the morning, but the faces became oily once it was afternoon. Hahaha. But it was not too oily as it was cold here. Only a small amount of oil was visible. Hehe.

There were ticket counters for JR Highway bus near the New South Wing of Shinjuku Station. You can choose to buy the ticket from the counter or from the machines over here. If you are in a hurry, just get the ticket from the machine. The machines have English directions on display, so don’t worry about the language barrier.

Select the destination to Disneyland and Sea or Tokyo Disney Resort as these are all bundled together. On board the bus, just pay attention to the announcement which tells you that the bus has reached the DisneySea station.

Aime was the one buying the ticket. As she knows Japanese language, she gets to select the options in Japanese language.

The ticket was around 2,450 yen (RM74) per person.

This bus will bring us to Tokyo DisneySea.

Docomb is the most famous telecommunication company in Japan, similar to our Maxis, Celcom and Digi.

These people must be going to work. Most of the workers in Japan dress in black and white. Most of the guys wear white shirts and black coats, carrying briefcases. For the ladies, they also dress in black and white. But in Malaysia, we dress in different colours including some eye catchy colours. From far, we would know that, that guy is Raju, that lady is Pn Fatimah. Hehehe. Shirt and pants are both pink. >_<

Luckily, the bus was equipped with a heater. It was so cold outside. 2℃ if I’m not wrong.

We got to see Rainbow Bridge too.

We were surrounded by young kids while in the bus to Tokyo DisneySea, Where were your parents? Aren’t they supposed to be coming together with you??!! Hehehe

We finally arrived at the destination.

There were storage lockers in DisneySea. If you bring a lot of things, you can keep your belongings here to lighten the burden.

It looked warm but it was actually freezing cold.

These were Japanese students. How come they were not in school??!!

With Nyah.

Heading to the entrance of Tokyo DisneySea Resort.

Vending machines can be found everywhere in Japan. Japan is the country with the highest number of vending machines.

These are the ticketing counters for tickets to Tokyo Disneyland.

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea are beside each other. You can check the ticket price here for Tokyo Disney Resort Ticket

A lot of young folks were boarding the train.

Storage lockers were also available in front of the entrance. They were beside the restrooms.

I looked almost like Japanese adolescents. Kekeke. But my head was covered. If not, I would be exactly like those Japanese adolescents. Haikhaik. Arigato >_<

This was the spot for changing baby diapers. It was big and did look comfortable. For your information, there is no water in the toilets for DisneySea. So please bring along whatever you may need. Hehehe.

That’s Olaf ( in Frozen).

When I arrived, I was wondering why there were so many people carrying the bear bag. So I asked Aime. Aime told me that it was Duffy Bear, the most famous and popular character in Tokyo DisneySea. No wonder so many people were carrying Duffy Bear then.

Wow. You girlswere bringing such a big luggage bag to DisneySea! Must be preparing for massive shopping in DisneySea later. Hehe. It was just my guess. =P

Such a long queue! It was so crowded even though it was not a school holiday. I wonder how it will be if it was a school holiday.

It was great that we had the media passing through with us which allowed us to skip the long queue.

Nyah dressed as though she was going to the land of Eskimos. Hahaha

There were 3 to 4 layers of clothing inside. So the body looked slightly fat. Hehe.

The boy with the monster costume was so cute! He posed for me as though he knew I was going to take his photo. His mother posed together for the photo too.

The most famous bear in Japan, Duffy Bear. It was so adorable. I was planning to get one for Raiisah.

Managed to get a picture of Elsa and Anna. When Raiisah sees this, she will be so happy. My little girl is a die hard fan of Frozen. When she sees this, surely she will say “Mummy, Mummy, Anna”!

The waiting area for the bus.

Taking a photo with the clients. I got the media pass again. Hewhewhew

Once the gate was opened, the Japanese kids were running in. Some even fell along the way. Huhuhu. I was so scared to see this. What were they chasing after?

A Cute performance by Mickey and Minnie.

Let’s enjoy the show for a while.

Why were all these people running?

After having gone through the park entrance, this giant globe could be seen.

The three of us. Crossing our legs is a must. Hehehe.

The crowd in front of the entrance.

The design of the buildings in Mediterranean Harbor was very bearutiful. They looked like those historic buildings in Europe.

We couldn’t wait to get onto the boat!

Getting a little feel of Europel! Behehehe.

The Venetian Gondola. This was almost the same as the one from Venice in Italy.

He was actually singing Italian songs while rowing the boat. And his voice was so nice!

For your information, Tokyo DisneySea is a fantasy themepark based on a sea legend. It is different from Disneyland, which mostly caters for the children. DisneySea is built to entertain the adult visitors. If I am given the chance to come back again, I will definitely bring Raiisah along. =)

The weather looked hot but it was actually very cold.

When they met other visitors, they would say “Hi” in Japanese language. Hi, hi.

The super duper cute Japanese girls! I wanted to pinch their cheeks! Can you see the things hanging on their necks? Duffy Bears!

I’m buying for Raiisah because she loves Minnie Mouse.

Nyah, what was that?

The birds here were so fat!! If only I could catch and bring them back. Hahaha. When we went near it, it just acted cool.

Look at us! A Motif??!! Hahaha

Look at us! A Motif??!! Hahaha

It’s Angela. Raiisah will surely like this. I wanted to take a picture with Angela but I gave up after seeing the scores of people waiting to take a photo with Angela. Whereever Angela went, the crowd went with her.

With Roy from the Japan travel agency. He was really tall. Roy spoke English so we could understand the information about the Tokyo DisneySea that was given by him.

We stopped here for lunch. It was near the American Waterfront attraction.

The decoration for the Sailing Day Buffet was pretty. It is able to accommodate 440 people at a time.

There were a variety of salads. All of them looked so delicious!

The Mickey heads were made of eggs. Salmon roes were sprinkled on the rice. If I’m not mistaken, the yellow threads were eggs too.

This could be eaten as the ingredients were seafood.

Potato Salad.

The Mickey heads were made from potato which was also the ingredient for the dish beside it. Both were tasty. I would love to take them back. Hahaha

Dessert! Yummy!

This looked like beancurd jelly but its taste was different. It was also delicious but I forgot its name. Hahaha

Caramel pudding. My favourite. Hehehe

The cakes were all super tasty. They were not sweet like those in Malaysia.

So Hungry! I’m going to continue eating..

This is the ingredient on top of Takoyaki.

I was having these dishes first. Just took a small amount first, as there were so many dishes to try. Hehehe

Followed by these.

Finally, it was bread and corn mushroom soup.

Let’s eat together. Bon appétit!

People were starting to come into the place for their lunch.

The price for the buffet was 2,800 yen (RM85) per person.

After lunch, we went to Broadway Music Theatre at American Waterfront.

Stopped for a drink of free water. Hehehe. Don’t worry, it was clean.

We were prohibited to take photos in the interior so I just had to make do with this place.

Trying to take a candid shot.

If you feel tired of walking, you may get on this antique car.

Otherwise, just take the taxi.

This antique car was so beautiful. I wanted to ride in the car but too bad, it didn’t stop for me.

It was fine too as long as I could pose with it.

Aquatopia. We didn’t have enough time to try.

This was the place to get fast pass ticket. Without fast pass ticket, you will need to queue for a long time. Normally, visitors will plan which rides to try beforehand. Then, just scan the ticket and go to the machine in front of the desired attraction to get the fast pass ticket. The time will be written on the ticket. The duration will be around 1 hour. As you are waiting for the ride with the fast pass ticket, you can try those rides without long queues. When the time on the fast pass ticket arrives, just go back to the attraction. There are always a lot of people at the best attractions such as Tower of Terror, Indiana Jones, etc.

It looked as though a real aeroplane had landed there.

Indiana Jones Adventure. We were going to enter soon.

Managed to get a ride in this.

Nyah, with the attendant for this ride.

Do not show your funny face at this time. Aime had told me earlier “Sis, later when I say smile, Sis must smile, you know. They will capture our picture and then we can get a picture of our prettiest foolish smiles.” Hahaha

After the ride, we were passing through a toilet. Thus, we went in to relieve ourselves. The urge for wanting to relieve was always present during the cold season. Hahaha. I made a mistake in this toilet. This place was so advanced. I wanted to press flush but instead the open button was pressed. Hahaha. Luckily, Nyah had finished dressing. We were laughing so hard at that time.

Candid look byNyah again. Like!

For the Japanese, it is normal for guys to carry a bag full of Disney characters. This looked so cute. But if Malaysian guys do this, I think they will be ridiculed. Hahaha

What a big bear! A lot of Japanese young folks were carrying Duffy bear. Some even carry 2 bears at the same time.

If Raiisah was here, she would have liked this. I always talked about Raiisah, right? Normal for a Mom though. Always missing her child.

Auuuw. Managed to snap a picture with Prince Charming of Snow White. A handsome prince! Shivering while taking the picture, as he was too handsome. And then, I thought of Affan all of a sudden. Eh. Hahaha

DisneySea is actually situated at the seaside of Tokyo Bay.

It has a nice landscape. The weather was freezing cold although it looked terribly hot.

Ha. Saw the volcano there? It was Mount Prometheus, one of DisneySea’s trademarks. During our visit, the mountain was under construction so we couldn’t see the smokes coming out which imitates volcano eruption. Huhuhu

To get back to the Mediterranean Harbor, we had to cross the Mysterious Island.

Vulcania Restaurant that sells Chinese cuisine.

Isn’t this pretty?

Try to jump but failed. My legs were tired there.

Actually Disneysea is almost the same as Disneyland. You are still able to meet Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck during their performance time. However, the concept, decoration and rides here are more suitable for adults than children, compared to Disneyland. But seriously, it was way more beautiful here.

The girls in Japan were very sporty. When they saw us passing by, they would make a peace sign. Hehehe. So adorable!

When we were taking the photo of the watchtower, Nyah complimented the two Japanese girls with a “Beautiful” comment. The blue coat girl straightaway hug and rub her cheek with Nyah. Hahaha.Nyah was so happy. For guys, you all sure like this gesture, right? Hahaha

The Department Store.

We stopped here to buy ice cream.

Please queue up!

All the ice creams looked attractive and tasty. Which one to choose then?

Ok. Nyah and I chose the one with the cone.

Aime selected the cup.

Matcha green tea, chocolate and grape flavours.

We took a break and ate ice cream first.

This Japanese ice cream was too tasty! Not sweet but delicious and could be swallowed just like that.

Eh. There was jelly beneath the ice cream.

After finishing the ice cream, we went to buy some souvenirs for our children. This was the long awaited moment.

Duffy Bear!

Should I or should I not buy this for Raiisah? What if she doesn’t like it? Ok. Let’s find Anna (Frozen) for her. Anna is her favourite.

These are all moulds for making pancake.

atoni is also one of the most famous cartoon character in Japan.

Yes. I finally found Frozen.

Should I buy this?


Or this?

Haaa. It was so hard to decide. Let’s take this. If I buy the small one, it will be hard to find if it goes missing.

Eh eh.

Eh eh. It could cover the eyes.

In this section, there were a lot of wholesalers of these small dolls.

I had done the shopping for Raiisah and Affan. What did I buy for Affan? Donald Duck boxer. Behehehe

I’m done for the shopping, for my lucky daughter and husband.

Most people were queuing up for a photo with this Minnie Mascot. Minnie can be considered a Disney trademark. The trip would not be complete without a photo of Mickey. At first, I wanted a photo with Minnie too but once I saw the amount of people queuing, I gave up.

We prayed in the Guest Relations building.

You can request a guestroom for praying. After praying, we thanked the customer service staff who helped us. After that, we departed for the Premium Outlet.

Thanks to our clients who brought us around DisneySea. Thanks for the popcorn holder too. Hehehe. Thank you. We could only use sign language to communicate with each other.

Bye bye, Tokyo Disney. When we were leaving, only did we realized that Tokyo Disney had just opened on 15 April 2013.

While waiting for the bus, I saw a very cute kid who should be around the same age as Raiisah. She was shy when I said “hi” to her. I noticed that all the Japanese kids are big-sized. All the babies around the age of 3 – 12 months have a big body. It was so rare to see a small-sized Japanese kid. I wonder what food their parents feed them. I would like to know the secret. Hehehe

This Mickey bus was cute.

While waiting for the arrival of the bus, I ate tuna onigiri. It was so tasty. Even one piece is enough to fill your stomach. Remember guys! If you are coming to Tokyo, don’t forget to try this tuna onigiri. It was seriously good. And it was cheap, around RM3 only.

There was a proper way to eat it too. You can’t just swallow it. You have to wrap it first.

We waited for about 25 minutes for the bus. And I just slept in the bus. I was so exhausted.

When I woke up, we had arrived at Narita Airport. To go to Shisui Premium Outlets, we had to take a taxi from here.

This was the bus that had brought us from the airport. It goes by the name of Friendly Airport Limousine.

The Smoking Area.

All of these looked so nice! I felt like buying one. But it was so cold out there. Surely, I wouldn’t be able to eat it.

In the end, I just bought an apple juice.

Taking the taxi to Shisui Premium Outlets.

The taxi drivers here would explain and tell us the exact fare and the change to be given back. They would calculate the money, one by one. They have a good culture!


We arrived at Shisui Premium Outlets.

There were many branded stuff here and the prices were definitely cheaper than Malaysia’s.

Praying areas were also available here. Just go to the information counter and ask for the praying room. The receptionists will show you the place.

Don’t worry about the language. They can speak English.

They will also provide the compass and the prayer-mat.

The entrance to the prayer room.

The prayer room for ladies was also available.

The area to perform wudhu.

Please read the instructions first.

The Prayer room was very comfortable.

They even provided a mini kitchen.

A shoe rack was also available.

Beside the prayer room, were lockers and vending machines.

Where should I go now? Let’s think about it for a while as it was too cold.

The temperature was 0℃. It was so cold and it felt like we were sitting in the fridge. Even the walking speed had become faster.

The night view of Shisui Premium Outlets. Bring enough money and you can shop all you want here.

There were sales all over the place.

Accompanying Aime to buy a handbag.

Nyah and I were really amazed. In Malaysia, there will be no vapour coming out from our mouths, like this, when we are talking. Hahaha. No matter how many times we breathed out, vapour just kept coming out of our mouths.

We were staying in Marroad International Hotel for our last night.

It was already dark when we arrived at the hotel, thus we were unable to capture the exterior of the building. This photo was a good enough substitute. This was the look of the hotel where we spent 1 night in Narita. Our hotel was just behind the Narita Airport.

Though I was tired, hungry and my feet felt like they were broken, I still gave my best smile to all of you. Ewah. Hehe

The room was so comfortable. I couldn’t wait to sleep on the bed. But first of all, let’s have some food first before having a good rest. Just dropped the bag and went downstairs for dinner.

Yes, free wifi. By the way, it was really fast. Like it!

As usual, Aime was our translator. If not, how were we supposed to understand what they were saying?

What should I order? All looked so delicious.

Ok. Nyah ordered this and I ordered that. All of us were famished.

This was Seafood Pilaf. It tasted like turmeric fried rice but with glutinous rice instead of white rice. It was delicious. One plate could be shared by two people. The price was around 1,296 yen (RM39).

This was Nyah’s order – mixed pizza with French fries. The price was 1,296 yen. It was the same price as the rice above.

And I ordered fish and chips. The price was 1,080 yen (RM32).

Aime ordered grilled salmon. The price was 1,296 yen.

I was overjoyed to be able to drink hot chocolate in this weather.

Total cost was 6,642 yen (RM202). Ok, just closed the eyes and paid. Hehehe

After dinner, we walked around to check out interesting stuff in Marroad International Hotel. Ok, there was a mini market like 7E.

Energy drinks.

Souvenirs were also for sale here.

Which one do you prefer?

If I could eat this, surely I wouldn’t get to sleep tonight. A pity that my stomach was already full. If not, I would definitely buy this.

Ok. Going to relax myself in the bathtub. Hopefully I won’t fall asleep in the bathtub. Hahaha. Goodnight~~

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