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  • Accommodation

    Hotel Ajour Shionomaru

    • Address 30, Yunoura, Imabari City, Ehime
    • TEL +81-898-47-0707
    • Close station/bus stop
      Iyosakurai Station (36-min walk)
    • Breakfast

    To know more about us, please visit sites and pages below:

*These are original icons for this guide. *“Non-pork, non-lard” means that pork-derived items are not used.*The information included in this guide is based on information supplied by each restaurant, hotel, shop and facility. For further details, please approach them directly. *The services indicated by the icons may not always be available at all times. When planning to use those services, please make advance reservations and confirm whether that service is available.

*The information was based on data as December 2019. *As information may change, please check to ensure the information you rely on is up to date. *Please confirm holidays and business hours by contacting the respective restaurant, hotel, shop and facility yourself. *Advance reservation is recommended.