• Report from Muslim Travellers in Japan

Report from
Muslim Travellers in Japan

Report from Muslim Travellers in Japan

What is Muslim Travelers Guide?

This is a Japan Travel Guide for Muslim Visitors to benefit and inspire Muslims plan their perfect trip to Japan.
Popular blogger's trip to the charming Japan to look at its history, food and picturesque views.

The trip taking consideration of Muslim travelers regarding halal food, praying facilities, is making it easier for Muslims to travel in Japan.

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  • Shea Rasol

    Shea Rasol

    A style and travel blogger hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Shea Rasol, has been in the fashion and blogging industry since 2008 where she focuses on writing about the things she’s most passionate about. With local and international visits accumulating to 300k per month, My Amethyst has been featured in various digital and print media thanks to its successful reach.

  • Siti Aminah

    Siti Aminah

    My name is Uzu. I'm ambassador of local product, I'm blogger that really active in Malaysia. I am a Winner for category BEST ENGAGING BLOG for award Malaysia Social Media Week 2016 and TOP CHOSEN ONLINE AWARD 2016 for category BEST ENGAGING BLOG. Besides that, I have been travel around in Asean and including Japan. Travelling is my hobby and now I'm focusing to travel around the world.

  • Nisa Kay

    Nisa Kay

    Nisa Kay loves blogging, selfie and cats. Music and make up lover too. Her blog focus on fashion
    beauty and travel. She been interviewed with newspapers.

  • Lan Careno

    Lan Careno

    Lan Careno starts to blogs since 2011, with focus to lifestyle and parenting topics in his writing. And then he continued to widen his writing scopes on foods galore and family-travel experiences. Also a photographer, this helps him a lot when it comes to posting and composing his attractive photos in each of his articles, to added some pleasure to his viewers/readers.

  • Ishak


    Ishak, well known by nickname Sohoque focus on foods, travel and lifestyle topics in his blog. The blog name is “explorasa”, with combination of two words. "Explore" means exploration to beautiful places (travel) while "rasa" is a malay word means taste (foods). He is also a photographer, to help him composing his attractive photos in each of his articles.


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Kathy is an active blogger who blogs about her family, outing with friends, fashion, beauty, food, and also her holiday trips. As a forrmer graphic designer herself, she writes in a creative manner with personal perspectives.




Fadilla is a mother of three beautiful daughters, the oldest of whom this blog is named after. Filla started writing about her life as a new mother back in 2005, sharing her kids' antics as well as parenting. An avid foodie herself, Filla hardly misses the chance to blog about the food her family loves.

Fadilla’s itinerary